Adam Toms

Personal details:

Name: Adam Toms
Kite Discipline: Freestyle Buggy, Landboard and KiteSurf

Competition results:

Big Air 2009 Junior, third place freestyle buggy.
BKSA Third Freestyle Buggy 2010
BKSA 2013 Overall 1st Mens Freestyle Buggy
BKSA 2013 Overall 3rd Mens Landboard

What do I like most about kiting?

Its got to be going out for a fly when you’ve had a tough day. Coming back in, grinning from ear to ear, having just a great session shared with people I hold close and care for.
The relationships that forms through kiting allow you to meet people you would never normally would. I still find it hard to believe that such a small sport is home to so many genuine people. Well, most of them!!

My goals:

I would like to help share the love of what I do, and the genuine belief that it offers something no other sport does. Getting the name of the sport out there and getting as many people to give it a go is my goal.
Also important, is not loosing site of why I started kiting. With competitions, sponsorship and the likes, people forget what got them into the sport, and why they have so much love for it. My advice, just enjoy it!

Home spot:

Essex Kite Park. I’ve got the locals here to thank for pretty much everything I know about kiting. The spot is 22 acres of cut grass, with ramps and rails on site. 10 minutes away is probably one of the best flat water spots in the UK. So I have been pretty lucky! In my opinion, its also home to some of the best riders in the UK.

The Basixx:

The concept of the bassixx is just what the sport needs. The innovation shown throughout the design is exceptional. Adding to this, build quality is second to none and somehow, still manages to keep the weight down, (less than a flex might I add)! This is the first freestyle buggy I’ve seen that shows real progress, whilst also preserving the strength and integrity of of the buggy. How it feels in the air is also very exciting. I need to get out and ride in more wind before I can comment further, so watch this space!