………yesterday evening I went to SPO and after some final assembling I went out at strong and gusty easterly winds. First with my 6m² Century, which was way too big. But everything was safe due to perfect fitting in the buggy.

Then I went down to my 4.2 Combat as I had no smaller Century with me. As you might know the Combat is quite challenging in gusty winds, especially the smaller ones. But with the Xxtreme Appex I felt safe all the time and it was great fun to ride! I was really surprised that from the very beginning everything work out so fine and I felt absolutely comfortable with the buggy from the first second on.

I have to forward my very honest compliments to Ruud for this excellent piece of work. Being an International welding engineer working a lots with quality assurance, I can tell you that the welding work and its finish is absolutely high quality from what I have seen so far. I was also stoked by the absolute precise geometry of all parts, which became obvious during assembling.

Big thanks to you and to Ruud! See you at the beach!