One of the most apreciated buggy builders of the planet, with every buggy we see , we know it is not only building ,but it is “Art”. Shiny new designs, special frames and front designs. That is how most people know Carlos aka Popey. Due to our good relationship, as buggy builders with eye for detail, we could provide Carlos a Xxtreme Apexx, why ?,…wel underneath you will find the reason, the story of carlos himself,…..

There’s an Apexx in Da House

So What make is the best buggy & Why ?

I watch the thread unfold for a few days, and enjoying every ones comments, but every one was avoiding answering the initial question…….WHY?, oh there were lots of good buggies being mentioned, but nobody was saying why they were good, so I had a think for a day or so and came back with this…

Personally if we are talking race buggies like the last few posts…I would choose an Apexx…..”why?” because Ruud has been building buggies for 21 years now, and top race buggies for 12 years, this guy is a perfectionist, as well as a very good welder, along side him designing is Ozzy who has the sharpest eye for detail, they are a perfect team imho.“But the replicas do look like an Apexx”…yes vaguely similar, they may do at first, there have been a few people copy the Dominator for instance, and at first glance you may well think it was one of mine, but I can tell instantly all the things that are wrong with it, and its the same principle with the Apexx copies, the difference between an original and a copy is like night and day.

They take their time, they have spent many years researching, testing and developing the perfect buggy to race with…they have looked, they have listened, they have fine tuned, they are the leaders in their field, and all others follow. Ruud and Ozzy, live and breathe buggies, they know all the answers to all the question you could imagine concerning buggies.

Ruud was the first to develop the side rails with the extra bend so you can lock yourself under the rails…how many of those do you see around now copied, the fully adjustable rear axle, to ride the perfect height for different wheel set ups, the fine tuning of the swan neck angles….most if not all of these came from Ruud and Ozzy. The Apexx buggy, with so many configurations, leaves all the other buggies out there looking rather “normal”…within the race scene who has everyone chosen to copy….answer the Apexx, yes you have to pay a premium price for an Apexx, maybe double than you would a replica or look a like, but there is a reason for that, and that is the amount, of time, plates, the extras, the development and craftsmanship that goes into that premium buggy.

Seriously, you would not believe all the questions and measurements taken by XXtreme to have the buggy perfectly made for its owner, each buggy they make is unique, it is tailor made, to fit the pilot perfectly like a suit …..and….and this says it all, there are over 400 XXtreme buggies out there…..how many have you seen for sale….not one I bet…that answers everything really.

I sound like an XXtreme salesman….well I am not, I do not sell their buggies nor take any commissions, I am just giving an honest answer.

Freestlye, well Flexi have long been proven the weapon of choice, no arguing that one

Well that was an honest an answer I could possibly give…other people during the thread had said some of my buggies, so it must of seemed weird, when PTW is bigging up someone elses work…..well I went one step further than that, I actually put my money where my mouth is and bought one…and it arrived this week. I was lucky enough to have ridden Coolbreezes Apexx at NABX, and it was no secret that I thought his buggy in particular was my favorite in buggy camp, so I had already had a taster….I will say though, it went no faster than the Hero buggy I had taken there lol.

Anyway….there you have it, an honest answer backed up by hard cash out of my pocket.

Does this mean I will not make any more buggies..? Hell no

Does this mean all I will ride now will be an APEXX..? Hell no

Does it seem kinda strange you actually buying a buggy..? Oh yes….dead strange

Will I lose credibility as a buggy builder because I have bought from another stable….? I hope not

What do you want to get out of this..?…inspiration, ideas, and experience, riding an Apexx will only make me a better buggy builder. I have always said I will not compromise and copy someone else, although I have no problem builders copying me…I encourage it in fact, it is a compliment as far as I am concerned, but I will get ideas and put my own take on it.

Oh and by the way….the Apexx was a perfect fit….as good as if I had built it for myself ….