After long nights with Jon Muzas to design and discussing how the new website should look, we can finaly go online with it. The current old website was completely outdated, and there was still more info about the Xxracer then the current full breed Apexx,… this is as you can see, changed !!

Our new products like the Xxtreme Grips and also the newest buggy from Xxtreme, called the Basixx is present on the website. The Basixx in not full in production yet, as we have still several pre-production kits for testing,.. the more feedback we got, the better !

The Xxtreme family is growing faster and faster, as customers still choosing for the “real deal”, nowadays Israel is a customer, as also Denmark, Canada en the US of A…. more to come the next few months….

We keep you all updated for sure, so keep on lurking this site people,…

Good winds!
The Xxtreme Team