European buggy freestyle championship

What a year it’s been, with 3 tourstops for the European KLBB tour, also know for its Freestyle/Race for landboarding and the freestyle buggy tour.

At first I would like to say a big thank you to my sponsors Xxtreme, HQ power kites, Kite Mechanics and of-course the man behind my awesome buggy, Ruud Engelen because without you this wouldn’t have been possible to start with… lets continue for now.

The first tourstop of this season.

The KLBB competition in Berck, France early June this year.

Like many competitions this one also started with a meeting at the beach after which we headed to the competition zone to kick off the freestyle competitions.

I’m also a landboarder and I compeed in both the buggy and the landboard competitions, they promissed not to run them both at the same time, but i guess you already guessed it… they did run them both at the same time… so for me this meant riding my heat for landboarding on the left area and after my heat I had to kick my board aside and jump in the Basixx to run the next heat on the right area… I can assure you that this is soooo exhausting and with exhausting I mean really really exhausting.

Despite they run the competitions so close behind one another, I managed to ride myself to a 5th place in the buggy Freestyle aswell as a 5th place in the landboard freestyle, not a bad start at all, since the level is high and there’re sooo many great names competing!

The second tourstop of this season.

As every year this 2nd stop was at the Tempelhof in Berlin, Germany. This location isn’t known for its great wind/conditions and indeed the wind was more off then it was on, but the competitions were held and are as always Xxtremely nice to be a part of.

The first discipline to ride was the freestyle landboarding, although the wind wasn ‘t great the results were good!

The last day, with a little persuation from the only two buggyriders present, Eric Rush and myself, they decided to let us ride!

Many thought we got these prices for Free, but with these ultimately light wind conditions a buggy competition is not easy at all, more a madmans challence to keep riding and try to provide the audiance the best we possibly could at that time, to earn that beloved 1st spot!

I made it!!! I won my very first podiumplace ever in this 5 years of riding competitions.

Because we got to run the competition I got 2 points ahead on the current number one from the competitions in France, soooo this was really in my favorite with only 1 more tourstop to go.

Time for the third and last tourstop of this season.

At the end of October this last stop was held, the Flymasters at Ijmuiden, the Netherlands, the prospects were good but when the weekend was there it turned out the wind was only ridable on saturday, after riding the juniors in landboarding they decided to run the buggy Freestyle so it was time to get ready! The first heat didnt go as planned but despite that i got to ride again, against Dimitri Tourte for the 3rd or 4th spot! We got like 10 minuten to warm up because Dimitri just got out of his last heat, in 1 of my jumps I landed faced backwards near the rail (that was still there for the landboard competitions) by the time I saw how close I actually was, I got dragged straight through the rail and flipped over and got dragged like a turtle for several meters more… this crash got me the awesome price of Best Crash.

Unfortunatly everything didn’t want to go like it should/ like I would have like de it to go, but I was really happy I made it to the fourth place! After all it turned out that it was enough to win the beloved title of European Champion Freestyle Buggy 2015, you could probably imagine how intensly happy I am right now and with me, my sponsors Xxtreme and HQ powerkites.

I am not sure if I will continue riding the buggy competitions next year again, but i will come back to that later on.

For those who have been reading all this just to find out how it turned out for my Basixx Buggy… well, I can assure you it’s almost miraculous how well this buggy still is, after all i put it through… because it’s still fine… oh yeah as am I by the way!

I’ll take this opportunity to thank you all!

Xxtreme for the amazing Basixx buggy,

HQ powerkites for their great kites,

All that are part of organising these great events of the KLBB, Opaleglisse festival Jerome Deletre and Remy Kauffman, Klb Open George van Gent, Flymasters Bas Meerwijk en Ramon Schoenmaker.

Also a big shoot out to all judges, volenteers and ofcourse the crowd, without you all events like these aren’t possible.

And last but definetly not least, my wife and 2 daughters, Evelina, Loreley and Yalou Pigmans, thank you!

Written by Jeroen Pigmans

Pictures by Evelina Pigmans leavesart.nl