Wel,…finally back after a great week at De Panne for the 2010 World Championships Kitebuggy.
The first race I myself became first, so I was very exited for the rest of the races, as this is very promising, second race I was 8th, and thirt race I became 3th,…so after 3 races I was 3th place overal,….pfffew,..not bad !. so also 3th place of that day :

Then the next day we had wind from land, so very, very gusty, but what the hell, it’s the world series, so these are the best of the best pilots. First race, I gained it to 5the place, and just befor the finish my kite collapsed, brake line came under my wheel and got damaged, but I was able to go on. After 300 meters my brake line broke and I became 44th !!, damn !…now everybody knows again why they called me Ozzy !!, second race very gusty winds, and lots of collapsing kites, so I became 27th that race, 3th race was so dangerous that they canceled the race just after the start,…that was a good decision, due to the fact that not all pilots were that experienced…… Finally I became 7th overal at the Wolrd Championships,…if if ,yes if,…I dind’t broke my brake line, I was probably higher in the rankings, even in the top 3,…so that was a bit of a bummer for me !,…thats racing, next time better !!!…

Ranking Worlds:
1st, John Jansen (Vapor/Apexx)
2nd Stephan Chapman (Vapor/Protask)
3th Arje van der Tol (Vapor/Apexx)

And not to forget our one and only Lady,
1st place Carien Van der Meulen (Vapor/xxracer)
2nd place Annika Grab ( PKD/Xxracer)
3th place Steffanie Mohr (Libre/Booster)

And Holland team was also 1st place for the country winnings !

For now,….ready for the next one !!

And offcourse not to forget our Canadian friend Ricardo Lui,..he become 54th place, not bad for a first timer !! way to go Ricky !

Good Winds,.