We recieved from Jurgen from Germany this email, also with some nice pictures from his custom painted 3D mudguard,…

Thank you for the pictures Jurgen, very cool indeed !!

cheers, Team Xxtreme

My Apexx is the best buggy in the world. It works good. After three sesions in LH I found my perfect setup. So in  the races on borkum, I run my best places (7+12th) for the whole saison. A verry saftey feeling off speed (79,9 km/h in a race on the seaside before the turn to the dunes started). In the dunes the saftey feeling off `Seitenhalt´. For my visual good feeling, I turned the mudguard like the photo. Sorry, I have no good photo from the mudguard  on the buggy, perhaps you can imagine how it looks.

 Best regards