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Xxtreme Apexx Black Edition

Xxtreme proposes now a limited edition of the Apexx.

It will be off course a custom build buggy as all Apexx but it will be completely black (except stainless steel and numbers that should followed rules) and will be made of all xxtreme knowledge.

This limited edition will included all options and extra parts whose some completely new!

This set up will include:

-A carbon mudguard

-Foot brace with entirely black webbing

-Bigfoot with black rims

-A reinforced headstock

-A reinforced downtube

-Downtube spacers: pieces to maintain the downtube/sidebar junction opened

- Apexx black edition logo on the seat in red and the opportunity to add your name on it

-A back pack on the seat to put your useful stuffs

-The brand new flexx control: modify the flex of your buggy according to the conditions

-A weight balancing set

-Standard back axle and a Carbon back axle whit the plastic clamps

-A Carbon belly plate

-Carbon number plates incl. racing numbers

-Splitted Towbar

The Apexx black edition will propose you more set up to have the best performances on all kind of conditions.

Price on demand.

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