Everything about Xxtreme.nl


….to design a Full Breed Race Buggy,


….its a one man company, with a guy who is driven to the bone to build the most innovative buggies one can get…


…Xxtreme is Ruud van Engelen, the man behind this all, started 1990 with his first buggy,..soon followed by several other designs,..and entered the race scene with the first full breed race buggy in 1999, called the Xxtreme Xxracer.

After a couple of years he designed together with several top pilots the new Xxtreme Apexx , which entered the scene in 2007, until now the Xxtreme Apexx is the benchmark  around the World .

Many have tried to copy it,…. none have succeeded…

Best Regards and Good Winds,

Team Xxtreme


Headstock Upgrade Xxtreme Apexx


From now on we have a “Headstock Upgrade” available for the Xxtreme Apexx , this upgrade consists all the required parts as mentioned in the part list above, except of the down tube, 3D mudguard, bearings and frontfork. The way we designed it, is to isolate the 3D mudguard from the headstock assembly, which can come loose after a hard impact.

The only thing what you need to do, is to drill or machine the hole in the mudguard to a ø20 mm hole, so that part number 5 from the assembly can go thru. Followed by part 8 and 9.

If you are nearby our facility, we can do this for you. Check our website for a animated video, how the assembly works.

You can order the kit for 25 euro ( inclusive shipping within Europe), send a request on our contact form at www.xxtreme.nl

Click on the images below to download the installation guide or a assembly in PDF format.


Best regards and Good winds !

Team Xxtreme


A.S.T. = Apexx Siderbar Technology

What is AST ?? ,…well, after some years of conventionell buggy building, like the Xxtreme Xxracer, we discovered that there was a need of so called “holding power” inside the buggy, but not by means that a pilot is locked inside his buggy. After some brainstorm sessions with other top pilots, Ruud came with the idea to make the sidebars a bit more ergonomical, in the way that we changed the geometry from the sidebars in such way that when you need it, you can lock yourself under the sidebar curve, and prevent yourself of ” popping” out you buggy, a so called OBE (Out of Buggy Experience).

The name of this feature we invented is A.S.T. = Apexx Sidebar Technoligy.
Nowadays we see other buggy fabricators also adding the AST feature into thier buggy designs.



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