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Information about the Apexx

The Apexx is build from stainless steel, all parts at laser cutted and the AST sidebars are bended with a CNC machine to be sure that both AST sidebars are symetrical at all times. The bolts used in a Apexx are all A2 standard and most nuts are self locking. The welding is done with the TIG process, which is second nature for Ruud. Argon gas protects the enviroments during this process. And due to the fact that we use a higher grade of stainless steel, our welds will be in perfect condition.

Technical Info

Prior ordering a Apexx, we will ask a lot of questions from our customers as we want them to have a most perfect fit at all times, the AST sidebars are always in the same geometrics, but the with can defer, this is the same with the downtube lenght and lenght of the sidebars. For example, a this moment the current race kites are on such high standard that we do not need vey heavy buggys anymore, to light is also not good, so we think that we found the optimum configuration and weight fro the Apexx versus racekite. We will also ask our customer which brand kite they fly and what kind of style they use, like agrasive or technical. All these things we take in acount to design and built the perfect Apexx for you. So that you feel safe at all time during high speed manouvres!!

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Images of the Apexx

Tech Data

Xxtreme Apexx:
Axle without wheels 1380 mm
Space between sidebars 480 mm (customized to the clients wish)
Smallest length ApeXX standard 1600 mm
Largest length ApeXX standard 1810 mm
Weigth standard ApeXX without wheels 23,0 kg
AST = Apexx Sidebar Technology

Please feel free to contact your nearest distributor for information and prices.