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Freestyle/freeride buggy

Made to last ( Price € 629 excl VAT/BTW – € 749 incl VAT/BTW)

Scope of supply:
The Xxtreme Basixx will be delivered without the 3D set, wich consists of a set of footbraces and a lapbelt, prices for 3D set are not available yet.

Bellow you see John Penders testing the Basixx on Lake Ivanpah, NV in the USA.

Besides the current full breed race buggy the Xxtreme Apexx, we from Xxtreme developed a small freestyle/freeride buggy, made to last, due to the special sidebar construction. Another feature is offcourse the AST sidebars, which give the pilot optimal control of the buggy. The frontfork with intergraded headstock is a one of a kind, this design give the freestyle pilot the oportunity to spin the fork during a freestyle session. The seat is a vey slick design, which do not need sidewalls. This gives the Xxtreme Basixx a very clean and fast look. The Xxtreme Basixx is made for beginners or for the Pro’s, everybody will have fun with it!.

All parts are made from a high grade stainless steel, and same as the Xxtreme Apexx welded with the TIG process in a controled enviroment. Everything is finished by ceramic blasting, and rubbed in with a special oil .Like always, Xxtreme delivers the products to the highest standards. The siderails are provided with foam and sidecovers to give even more comfort. Total weight of the Xxtreme Basixx is approx. 20 kg, this can defer from the wheels used.

At this moment there is such high standard required in the Freestyle world, that we think that we found the optimum configuration/balance and weight for the Basixx to be the strongest, and the best in the scene.

Learn more about the XXtheory and how buggies are made.

Images of the XXtreme Basixx

Tech Data

Xxtreme Basixx:
Axle without wheels XXXXXX mm
Space between sidebars XXXXX mm
Smallest length Basixx standard XXXXXX mm
Largest length Basixx standard XXXXX mm
Weigth standard Basixx without wheels XXXXX kg
AST = Apexx Sidebar Technoligy

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