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New XXGrips

Kitebuggy Pro Handles

Fully adjustable grips made for racers by racers

New XXGrips are NOW available, ask our sales rep. for prizes…

The new XXGrips are real Pro handles as you can adjust them anyway you want to.
No anoying end-tips of the handles which can come in conflict with each other during racing, no harnes ropes which are damaging in those anoying holes in the handles.

This all due to the fact that the harnes rope is one long rope, which can be adjusted anyway the pilot wants to. the special knot we use is the so called ” constrictor knot” , as seen here on the site how to make it.Handles are available in 3 different lenghts, 35 cm – 40 cm – 45 cm .

Images of the XXGrips