The theory behind it all

Built to give every pilot excellent comfort, sitting position and road handling.


XXtreme buggy’s are created and designed by Ruud van Engelen (H5) as he is the founder of XXtreme. Drafter/designer for XXtreme is Jeroen Potters (H140) aka “Ozzy”.

The XXtreme XXracer and the XXtreme ApeXX are both buggy’s for competitive racing. The ApeXX is on the cutting edge of design in front of the fast developments which occur nowadays in the international competition scene.
The ApeXX is the latest type of XXtreme and based on the concepts from a number of pilots, for example Michel Dekker (H20) and Jerome Grimminck (H9) had a great input in this proces.

Both of the buggy’s are build to give every pilot excellent comfort, sitting position and road handling. The buggy’s are therefore ideal to every pilot’s demands, also with intensive usage. All modification made, for example different sizes of wheels and skates have no influence on the geometrics of whole buggy.

This concepts is still unique in the buggy scene. Here are some concepts which make the XXtreme buggy’s so special: Stiffnes of the frame is a thing we put a lot of effort in. The stiffer a frame is , the more “feel” or “control” the pilot will have, especially with high speeds and in bends the XX-buggy will have a better grip then the conventional buggy’s.

The result of this is that race tracks can be ridden more effectively and faster. The cross in the back of the frame is also a very important part of this design…. Some facts: Xxtreme was the first one who used the so called “swanneck” downtube Xxtreme was the first one who used the “bend” in the sidebars, see xxracer.

Xxtreme was the first one that used and invented the special siderails as seen on the Apexx. All this is just a small summary from al creations that came from the Xxtreme Factorys many tried to copied it, but nobody succeed!

Seat and Comfort

The seat of the XXtreme buggy is specially designed so that the sidebars are not under pressure. The sidebars are designed with an extra curve, so that the elbows can not reach the sidebars while steering your kite in difficult manoeuvres, this doesn’t effect the comfortable side support which the sidebars should offer.

Nowadays with the Apexx there is another extra curve in the sidebars, which allows you to move under the rails, so that this will give you a even more safe feeling in the buggy during racing on the edge…. The seat is fully adjustable so that pilot has a good sitting position.

Due to the overall design the seating position will not be affected when other wheels are mounted. Bigfoots, disc wheels or small dia wheels. The front fork can be adjusted in length without changing the sitting position of the pilot. This is also possible with the footsteps, these can be adjusted in horizontal and vertical plane.As well as the Bigfoot fork as the standard fork

Balancing of the buggy

To trim your buggy and set it up to get the best results, we provide also a nice balancing set, this set consists a set of weights , 4x aprox 1 ½ kg, and a bar which is mounted at the back side, were you can put the weights at different locations, you can also use these weights at the frontfork. This set makes it possible to create a personal setup to cope with all kins of surfaces ( hard,soft,tarmac or ice), with a correct setup you can eliminate drift to 0% .

Reason for changing the weights as they were, is due to regulations of the FISLY, which is, that it is allowed to add a maximum of 5 kg extra to the buggy, with a maximum of 60 kg for your complete setup. If you need special wishes regarding weights (for example more wheight), you can always contact us for that.

Number plates

The numberplates are designed within constrictions of the FISLY rules and offers besides that more than enough space for personal decorations or advertisements.
The current Apexx number plates are nicely curved and follow the line of the buggy.

Measurements and weights


Xxtreme Basixx:

Axle without wheels XXXX mm
Space between sidebars XXXX mm
Smallest length Basixx standard XXXX mm
Largest length Basixx standard XXXX mm
Weigth standard Basixx without wheels XX,X kg

Xxtreme Apexx:

Axle without wheels 1380 mm
Space between sidebars 480 mm (customised to the clients wish)
Smallest length ApeXX standard 1600 mm
Largest length ApeXX standard 1810 mm
Weigth standard ApeXX without wheels 23,0 kg
(Note: All dimension are reference only, as the Apexx is completely custom build)

Xxtreme Xxracer: Axle without wheels 1380 mm
Space between sidebars 500mm
Smallest length XXRACER standard 1560 mm
Largest length XXRACER standard 1750 mm
Weigth standard XXRACER without wheels 22,5 kg
(The Xxracer is NOT in production anymore, spareparts will be available)

It is always possible to personalize your XX-buggy !

Please contact your nearest distributor for the possibilities and prices.