This week we recieved a mail from our customer Manuel Kirchesch about his Xxtreme Xxperience in La Franqui, france,….:

Hello Guys,

 back from La Franqui, I want to share my experiences with the Apexx at highest speed ;-)
 My personal topspeed in the past was about 70 kmh, mainly depending on the “not really” safety feeling in my buggys in the past……
 Now, at La Franqui, we have several perfect days with wind at 7-8,5 bft hard from the mountains….
And what should you mean what happens ???
 I never feel as safe in a buggy, as in your (my) Apexx….. and my new personal topspeed is now 93,2kmh !!!
… and this with an Zebra Z1, because I was a little bit too afraid, to use my vapors ;-) ))

 My congratulations to a perfect metalwork called Apexx !!!!! I would never drive another brand !!!!